Organic Wheat Germ 

In Vegetarian Capsules 



Wheat germ is part of a wheat kernel and is responsible for helping the plant reproduce and spawn new wheat. Although it’s removed from most processed wheat products, it is a major nutritional component of whole grain wheat.

Wheat germ has excellent nutritional value as a food supplement, it is a great source for most of the B vitamins, especially thiamin (35 percent DV), folate (20 percent DV), vitamin B6 (18 percent DV), and niacin (10 percent DV). Wheat germ has 8 percent of the daily value of riboflavin and 6 percent of pantothenic acid

Wheat germ is a by– product of the flour milling industry and has great potential as a highly nutritious food supplement. Wheat germ protein is reported to have a high
nutritive value comparable to that of animal proteins.

120 x Wheatgerm Capsules, 800mg, Vegan, 100% Organic

  • The germ provides three times as much protein, seven times as much fat and 15 times as much sugars and six times as much mineral content when compared to wheat flour..

    Recommended dose

    1-2 capsules 2-3 times a day

    Before or after a meal