These capsules are 100% organic St John's Wort, nothing added, no fillers or additives 


St John's wort is a herbal remedy that has been used for hundreds of years to treat mental health problems. Today it is mainly used as an over-the-counter remedy to treat mild and moderate depression, and sometimes seasonal affective disorder (SAD), mild anxiety and sleep problems.

The botanical name for St John's wort is Hypericum perforatum, and it is sometimes marketed and sold as 'Hypericum'. It contains many active substances, including hypericin and hyperforin, which are thought to affect mood.


It is thought that St John's wort works in a similar way to standard antidepressant medication. Research suggests that it increases the activity of brain chemicals such as serotonin and noradrenaline that are thought to play an important part in regulating our mood.

100 x Organic St John's Wort Veg Capsules 600mg (Hypericum perforatum)

  • Speak to your doctor first about taking St John's wort if you:

    • are pregnant or are breast feeding – there is limited information on its safety
    • have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder – as with all antidepressants, it has been known to cause hypomania in some people, or rapid switching from a low to a high mood
    • are under 18 – there is limited information on its safety
    • are currently taking prescribed medication, contraceptive medication (such as the pill) or common over the counter medications.