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Luxurious Spa Shea Pamper Pack,

 Skincare Hamper Gift Set,

 All Natural Organic Products


this beautiful hamper consists of


1 x Luxurious Shea Body Butter 250ml

1 x Shea Body Butter Sugar Scrub 250ml

1 x Rose Geranium Bath Salts 250ml

1 x Anti Aging Skin Serum


All nicely packaged in a wicker basket and decoration, perfect for a gift for a special person or for a good pampering for yourself

Luxurious Spa Shea Pamper Pack, Skincare Hamper Gift Set,Natural Organic

  • We often forget that our skin is the largest organ on our body and absorbs what we put on it. If you are using lotions and body butters with chemicals in them (fragrances, preservatives, color additives, etc.) be aware that your skin absorbs the chemicals, too. Not exactly desirable. This gift set is totally natural and 


    The body butter is made with pure organic coconut, almond oils and Shea Butter and Lavender essential oils for fragrance and the finishing touch for the softest skin


    the shea body butter sugar scrub is made with pure organic shea butter, olive oil, vitamin E oil. Brown sugar and lavender essential oil, it exfoliates the skin taking all the dead skin cells off leaving you feeling super smooth


    the bath salts are made from sea salt and rose geranium essential oils to relieve muscle and body aches


    the anti aging skin serum is made from macadamia nut oil, meadowfoam oil, frankinsence oil and myrtle oil, this special formula helps hydrate and compliments the skins natural oils to reduce the aging process (very potent, only a few drops needed)


    suitable for all skin types